About Bonsai Socks

Socks from Bonsai started during a trip to England to enjoy a traditional, white Christmas with the family. Ok so there was no snow, it rained most of the time oh and just a little bit chilly!! 

Footwear choice was a priority, it wasn’t which socks to wear but how many pairs could you squeeze in to and fit into your boots.  Lots of choice of wellies but nothing to keep those toes toasty warm.

Bonsai socks are made from 93% bamboo and created to fit perfectly in to your welly boots with no scrunching.  Our bamboo socks are thermal, odour free (yes that’s right, wear them for days!) anti-bacterial to look after your skin as well as promoting circulation and they are breathable so warm in winter yet cool in warmer temps. Alongside those qualities that benefit our feet, bamboo is also kinder to the environment than other fabrics, using less water and pesticides – a great win for socks and you. We love bamboo and all its qualities , our socks are so comfortable and they look good too.


Long, warm and comfortable our bamboo welly socks have been designed to fit snugly and sit comfortably above the top of your wellies without falling down, the reinforced heel and nature of the fabric means they will last longer than synthetic alternatives and in 6 exciting colours they will look a bit funky too! Bonsai socks can also be worn with with your walking boots, trainers, shoes and even your slippers! They are great for walking, running, going to work in and just hanging around the house in.

93% Bamboo  and 7% Spandex (to keep them up!) Bonsai socks are designed in Australia and made in China and shipped to the UK – it’s a bit colder there than where we are in Australia.

Oh and that’s where we come in,  we are Simon and Louise, a partnership of England and Australia based on a love of bamboo and wearing long socks.


We are very happy with our welly socks and excited to see them being sold across the sock world.  See below for a list of charities we know and have decided to donate 10% of our profits to:

Blue Smile

Half the Sky

Simon & Louise
Bonsai Socks

Enjoy the ride 

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